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Kapsul Pegagan/Antanan

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Type Offer : Sell
Place of : botol plastik
Minimum Order Quantity : 200 botol plastik
Price : Rp 20,000.00 / botol plastik (Rp Indonesia)
Way Payment : Cash, Bank Transfer
Origin : Indonesia

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Legality: capsule shell LPPOM MUI No.00140016360701
Contents: 50 Capsules
Price: Rp. 20 000
Composition: Pegagan / antanan (Centella asiatica)

Rules of Use:

Treatment: 3 x 3 capsules / day
Prevention: 3 x 1 capsule / day

Helps improve memory, revitalize brain cells, improving intelligence, inhibits premature aging, increase the fertility of women, prevent strokes, heart problems, accelerate wound healing. It would be more efficacious if taken with honey gotu kola.

Cafe Herbal

We are the Agent and Distributor Herbal Products antanan / Pegagan. The products that we sell is processed plant products antanan / Pegagan frequently encountered in the environment around us (rumput-rumputan. We sell herbal products antanan in the form:

1. Crude tea (dried leaves and stems)
2. Tea Bags antanan (combination herb gotu kola, ginger and green tea)
3. Capsule Pegagan
4. Herbaceous honey 350 gr Pegagan content

Antanan plants known as nutritious crops for nutrients the brain (brain tonic). We serve a large-scale purchases (agents) with a very attractive discount. Please contact us
Herbal Cafe
Hp: 0857 1450 1450 (sms / call)
Website : http://cafe-herbal.blogspot.com
E-mail : zabright26@gmail.com or
Address : Perum. Pesona Cilebut 1 Blok E1/27 Cilebut
Postcode : 16710
City : Bogor
Province / State : Jawa Barat
Country : Indonesia
Telephone : +6285714501450
Fax :
Contact Person
Name : Mr. Rino Fardianto
Occupation : Owner
E-mail : zabright26@gmail.com or
Telephone : +62-251-9322610
Cellular Phone : +62-85714501450
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